Keith is the most seasoned member of our staff and heads most of our packing jobs. Keith is always assigned to Kitchens and China cabinets as he has the most experience in properly and professionally wrapping and orienting in boxes the most fragile of items. Keith is also by far the fastest and most thorough shrinkwrapper of difficult, low items such as couches. Everything he pads and prepares looks perfect and is very well protected. He is my first choice for preparing furniture and boxes for Long Distance Moves where belongings will vibrate from the road for long periods of time. Keith has a great sense of humor but is not especially comfortable with large dogs, but always seems to warm up to them.

Professionally packed kitchen box of wine glasses

Keith is a Master Packer (and picture avoider)

Keith expertly preparing a Flatscreen TV on the 26th floor of the Element Uptown Apartments and destined for Manhattan, NY